Research QUEST

Introduction to commercial research management

Being an inventor, an explorer, and an innovator is an honorable profession. As with any other profession, it retains a body of knowledge and practices which we humbly tried to assemble in this book.

When applied with diligence, such skills bring fortune and proficiency in due course. Well-prepared captains are able to find their way even when they are puzzled by a strong problem, run out of funds, or find their crew exhausted by failed experiments and protracted research.

Research projects differ from standard projects in many ways. Because of infinite unknown unknowns, they tend to be unpredictable, hard to evaluate and manage, and they often end up taking much longer and being more expensive than originally planned.

Although Project is a word most used today by business people to designate an undertaking with certain goals and budget, we chose to follow the wisdom of old masters and utilize the word Quest for such endeavors that entail extreme uncertainty.

Table of contents