X. ACCCept a new quest

Three “C” questions to be answered before aCCCepting a quest
Dr. Albert Künstler

quest origitates without sponsors, lords, barons, or magnates who own the budget and have an important Question to be answered.

A hero who is diligent in understanding their intent will be victorious — the one who is impatient and does not put enough effort towards understanding the details is ruined.

Three Cs you must conceive before departing to the sea.

There are three “C” questions to clarify:

What exactly do we need to solve?

How do we know that our solution is good?

How much will the solution cost?

A wise captain knows how important the receipt of good quality initial information is.

Accept or Decline

Make no mistake whilst you have the attention of your sponsors. Before it fades away, accumulate every bit of their anticipations and designs.Your time for understanding the problem is very limited. Even if the whole endeavor is to take several months, that does not mean that you will have a wealth of time for clarification. The higher the level of sponsors, the more difficult it is to organize a second and third meeting without a significant reason. Perhaps you only have ten or twenty minutes of their productive attention. Therefore, make use of the effective tools for identifying intents and capturing your quest information that will be discussed in the next chapters.