NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator

Synthetic Data Generation for Computer Vision Models

Train and deploy computer vision models in days instead of months with our synthetic data generation service

Data Monsters is your best choice
Data Monsters, a consulting company, is an NVIDIA Elite Partner who helps startups and enterprise ML teams to generate images and train CV models.
With over 15 years in data analytics, hundreds of completed projects, and our Elite NVIDIA expertise, we are ready to become your dedicated development team and accelerate the release of your AI product. If you are looking for experts to help you generate and train ML models for your computer vision product, we are at your service.
We will help you:
Analyze the use case and accuracy targets
Design the model and pipeline architecture
Define the required volume and variability of data
Create 3D scenes and randomize them
Render the data in necessary quantities with target variability using our GPU facilities
Train and test the models
Assess the results and design fine-tuning approach
Optimize the models for GPU inference with TensorRT
Configure and deploy DeepStream pipelines (video processing & Gstreamer)
Optimize performance (increase FPS) and accuracy (resolve edge cases)
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What is NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator?

NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator is a powerful and versatile tool that allows us to customize the characteristics of the synthetic data, including the lighting, textures, materials, position of objects, and domain randomization, resulting in data that is more representative of the real world.
This helps you train models with more versatile data, resulting in better accuracy and ability to handle real-world conditions and variations.
Most popular NVIDIA Metropolis applications
Self-driving cars
Industrial computer vision
Smart cities


The key benefits of Omniverse Replicator
Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Tools
Built on open-sourced standards like USD, PhysX, and MDL, Replicator easily integrates and connects to existing pipelines and can easily export-import assets to and from existing 3D DCC ecosystems.
Easily Extends and Customizes Workflows
Expose Replicator within Omniverse Code, or quickly and easily assemble your custom app to suit your workflow with simple-to-use Omni.UI features and Python scripting.
Helps Achieve Unprecedented Model Accuracy
Generate highly accurate, physically correct, photorealistic synthetic data, leading to more accurate, reliable, and optimized perception models.
Generate Quality Data Faster Than Ever
Replicator easily scales across multi-GPU and multi-node compute resources to easily batch massive synthetic data generation tasks.
Case with torque seal visual inspections (identifying if the bolt marker is intact or broken):

Note that the app is running in real-time at a high speed on an isolated Siemens IPC520A TensorBox (not connected to the internet). In the last part of the video, you can see how the system performs with exceptionally quick movements of the object.

Data Monsters
is your best NVIDIA GPU-based Computer Vision implementation partner

data monsters logo
Data Monsters, a Palo Alto-based AI consulting company, is an NVIDIA Elite Partner who helps funded startups and enterprise R&D teams design and implement Computer vision software and hardware solutions and products on NVIDIA GPUs. With our 15 years in AI, hundreds of completed projects, and Elite NVIDIA expertise, we are ready to become your trusted development team and accelerate releases of your AI product.
Data Monsters NVIDIA Elite Partner
As an Elite Partner, Data Monsters has early and extended access to NVIDIA Computer vision frameworks: Metropolis, DeepStream, Triton, TAO, and others. We have the right hardware and software components to experiment with the latest NVIDIA frameworks several months before official public release. Our direct connection with the development team at NVIDIA helps to follow the best deployment practices, optimize configuration settings, calibrate deployed pipelines, and adapt real-time streaming to different GPU chips.
NVIDIA OMNIVERSE REPLICATOR is a software that requires special knowledge to deploy, set, and use. Your team may be spending too much time on experimentation and adaptation. Data Monsters can help you to accelerate your success.
Services we provide:
Analyze the use case and accuracy targets
We start by analyzing your specific use case and the target accuracy you need to achieve. This helps us understand the nuances of your data and how it needs to be generated.
Design the model and pipeline architecture
We can help you design the pipeline and choose the models that provide the best accuracy and performance for your individual case.
Define the required volume and variability of data
Based on your use case, architecture, and target accuracy, we determine the target volume and variability of the data that is required.
Create 3D scenes and randomize them
We build necessary 3D scenes based on your images and specifications, using CAD models if available or building the scene from scratch. We then introduce randomization factors such as variable lighting, camera position, object positions, textures, materials, and backgrounds to ensure that the data is representative of real-world conditions.
Render the data in necessary quantities with target variability
Using our GPU servers, we generate the synthetic data quickly and efficiently, ensuring that we can control the process and produce the data in the required quantities and with the desired variability.
Train and test the models
We can either provide you with the synthetic data or train and test the models using the data, providing you with turn-key models that are ready for integration into your product or solution.
Assess the results and design fine-tuning approach
If additional training is needed, we provide recommendations on how to fine-tune the models using real data or additional augmentations.
Optimize the models for GPU inference with TensorRT
TensorRT optimizes deep learning models for efficient deployment by optimizing their inference performance. Using TensorRT can significantly improve model performance, making it suitable for production environments.
Configure and deploy DeepStream pipelines
We can help you set up and optimize a stream processing system for deep learning applications, including designing the pipeline architecture, integrating components, and optimizing the pipeline for performance and scalability.
Optimize performance and accuracy
We work to optimize the performance and accuracy of your computer vision models by fine-tuning model hyperparameters, adjusting the architecture of the model, and using techniques such as quantization or pruning to make the model more efficient. We also address edge cases where the model performs poorly by analyzing and generating more data to improve the model's generalization capabilities or developing custom solutions for specific edge cases.
Don't go it alone - this work can take months of tinkering. Data Monsters has the relevant experience to help you design the system and accelerate your product releases.

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Use Cases

Food processing packaging line defect detection
Battery X-ray scans for quality inspection
Label verification on food processing line
Semiconductor wafer defect detection
Adhesive application inspection
Crimp force
Welding quality inspection
Automotive Parts installation inspection
Palletizer anomalies detection
Packaging process inspection and measurement
3D face recognition for access control
Manual assembly verification
Busy and idle time monitoring
Food processing sanitary inspections
Weighing and measurement system with 3d computer vision