Mission canvas

Main Goal of this session is to get all the requirements on a use-case, using the MISSION canvas and filling the missing gaps - it’s a fast and concise tool to structure the definition of your project.

Workshop Outputs

Money and Milestones — ascertain how this quest brings money to the business. Understand the main milestones and expectations.

Ideas discuss the ideas with your counterparts. Bring your own ideas from competitors or research papers.

Strategy — a broad view of the map will allow you to choose a side path if a direct approach ends up inapplicable. Know all the sponsors, their strategy, and gain their support.

Squad and Skills — make it clear who is on your crew and what skills are missing. Make friends with advisors and business people who will contribute to the research.

Inputs — your research and decision-making is based on data. Acquaint yourself with the sources, the quality, and restrictions and rules for gaining access.

Outputs — the main output is most likely the Decision-to-be-Made, but it’s a good time to learn more and understand what kind of other outcomes are expected.

Nuances — nothing is simple as it may appear. Ask what can stand in the way of success and how to prepare accordingly.

Agenda and

5 min


3 min

Share access to the MISSION canvas in Miro

70 min

Work together, fill out details on the MISSION canvas board

7 min

Summarize the

5 min

Discuss and agree on
next steps


Crystal Clear Vision

We assist you in honing a precise vision for your project, ensuring you have a clear roadmap for development.


In just 90 minutes, you will have all the requirements expertly structured and meticulously aligned, saving you valuable time.

Comprehensive Coverage

Every aspect of your future product will be explored, guaranteeing a thorough and all-encompassing task description, with no essential details overlooked.



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Muralli Sajja

CEO, Pluto Tech Inc.

"This is a great way to get started. Loved the format and the engagement. I also really appreciate how it is geared toward finding the best solution."

Bear Simonsson

CEO & Founder, TwinCare Technologies