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About us

Data Monsters is a Palo Alto based AI R&D lab and consulting company.

We are scientists, engineers, product managers, and business consultants. Passionate about data, science and creativity. We are here to help you with your AI endeavors.

We started back in 2008 as a small research lab in Palo Alto. Now with more than 10 years of experience and more than 100+ successful projects, we unite research groups in 5 university campuses around the world.

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If you need any advice or help: education, assessment, consulting, idea validation, proof-of-concept, large scale AI implementation, big data engineering, or a creative solution - you are in the right place.

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What clients say
Eugenia Gillan
VP software - JIBO

“We are very happy to collaborate with Data Monsters. They worked closely with us on our data and analytics in our office in Boston. We found them very knowledgeable, professional, result oriented and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend them to their potential clients.”

Chris Macomber
CEO - WhoKnows

“We had a great collaboration with Data Monsters, and I highly recommend them. Top expertise and outstanding communication.”

Moshe Gershberg
VP Research & Development - Trintech

“Data Monsters is the best software development team we’ve ever used. Data Monsters actually deliver extremely high quality on time and under budget. We love their tenancy to think outside of the box and to innovate proactively.”

Ken Fritz
Executive VP - Trintech

“They feel ownership of the project.  It’s a dedication, and it’s a tenacity to quality, and also the thinking outside of the box. They are looking beyond the problem, they are looking at a bigger picture all the time, which is really helpful to us”

Jolinda Ketner
Project Manager - Intouch Solutions

“I can't say enough, what a pleasure it has been working with you on this project. I have worked with many external contractors over the years and have never had a project go more smoothly. I do hope we can work together again in the future.”

Alex Babin
CEO and Founder -

“Data Monsters exhibited unparalleled professionalism towards us and our project. I am 100% satisfied with their work.”


We support professional AI events and communities. Hope to see you soon and meet in person!

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Our processes are 100% aligned with the strategy of our partners. If you need a reliable R&D partner - Data Monsters is a great and scalable contractor and AI solutions supplier.