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Anna Mosolova
July 26, 2022
The ultimate guide to FPGA cards and Xilinx technologies
What is an FPGA and Accelerator cards? How it works? How to use Vitis Al to run ML models? Let's figure it out!
Anna Mosolova, Vladimir Nechaev, Marina Molchanova
July 27, 2022
Automatic speech recognition for specific domains
Automatic speech recognition is one of the oldest tasks involving natural language, having its roots in 1952 when IBM developed...
Vladimir Nechaev
July 27, 2022
Performance comparison of NVIDIA Riva 2.1.0 vs Riva 1.10.0
On April 29th, NVIDIA published Riva Speech Skills release 2.1.0 (full release notes can be found here). Among other features...
Artemy Malkov, PhD
July 27, 2022
NLP in manufacturing
In this article, we’ll be describing specific cases for manufacturing and near-manufacturing processes. Cases are grouped into...
Reid Blackman, Ph.D.
July 27, 2022
“Whose Ethics?”
Product development teams, especially those working on machine learning models, have a new set of responsibilities they may not...
Paul Lashmet
July 27, 2022
ML Models on Petabytes of Data — You Need GPUs
To understand how clients are using a product requires analytics on billions of records of usage data, often in the petabyte...

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