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Elevate Your Brand's Voice with Voice-Enabled Commerce

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Data Monsters, an AI consulting company, is an NVIDIA Elite Partner who helps funded startups and enterprise R&D teams design and implement NVIDIA software and hardware solutions and products.

With over 15 years in AI, hundreds of completed projects, and our Elite NVIDIA expertise, we are ready to become your trusted development team and accelerate the release of your AI product.

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Elevate Your Brand's Voice with Voice-Enabled Commerce

Transform your customer's journey by infusing it with the warmth of human interaction. Voice technology integration simplifies interactions, fosters connections, and engages customers in the most natural way – through speech. Create an immersive customer experience with voice-enabled access to all that your brand has to offer.

Unlocking the Power of Voice Commerce

In an era where more users are adopting voice as their preferred mode of interacting with technology, voice commerce has become an essential component of any brand's customer journey. It not only engages customers but also cultivates loyalty. Data Monsters empowers your brand with the technology and expertise to turn your voice experience into a resounding success.

Our ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) voice technology solutions come together to craft compelling, feature-rich applications. These applications enhance the customer experience by enabling voice interactivity that builds deeper customer relationships. They remember buying preferences, behaviors, and even information about who the customer is purchasing for, enriching the experience each time. This enhanced experience simplifies shopping, selection, and purchasing – perfect for today's on-the-go consumers who desire the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere.

Key Features:

Transforming Customer Experiences with Data Monsters' Voice-Enabled Commerce

Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

In the realm of modern commerce, exceptional customer experiences are paramount. By elevating these experiences from functional to meaningful, customers become more engaged, forging stronger bonds with your brand. Improved experiences translate to improved customer engagement. Data Monsters leverages advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to offer a seamless entry point and a lasting connection for customers with your mobile application, fostering a meaningful experience.

We provide turn-key features that maintain customer engagement throughout the buying process. This includes managing order selection, modifying variants, learning shipment preferences, enabling reviews, facilitating seamless returns, and more – all through the power of conversational voice.

Speech-Driven Commerce

As more customers opt to converse with their applications, Data Monsters delivers a voice-enabled buying experience that keeps customers engaged by accurately fulfilling their requests.

Machine Learning Solution

Data Monsters harnesses cutting-edge machine learning technologies, including Deep Neural Networks combined with Artificial Intelligence and hybrid machine translation.


Our Voice-Enabled Commerce Solution supports multiple languages, delivering precise translations across various platforms.


We extract user profiles, willingness to purchase, relationship cues (like 'my wife' or 'my daughter'), hobbies, and more to provide predictive shopping based on pre-existing data.


Each app or product receives a unique script customized to its characteristics. Data Monsters' Voice-Enabled Commerce Solution tailors every interaction for a more meaningful and personalized experience.


Our solution expands campaigns by enhancing ROI, loyalty, product rankings, and other key metrics, ensuring your brand thrives in the voice-enabled commerce landscape.

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