IX. The legend of QUEST

Dr. Albert Künstler

The old legend of QUEST brought us seven parts:

uestions. Part I, in which the heroes are assigned the quest by the lord. Together, they determine their mission and make mutual commitments.

ncertainties. Part II, in which the heroes prepare for the journey and try to plan and map the expedition and evaluate the necessary resources.

xploration. Part III, in which the heroes find themselves on a mysterious island, by means of scouting raids collect primary data, and discover the entrance to the labyrinth.

olution. Part IV, in which the heroes use their findings to design and craft a ship that will help solve the puzzles and bring them home victorious.

esting. Part V, in which our heroes test their constructs and move deep into the labyrinth, gradually collecting clues in search of treasure.

Failure. Part VI, in which our heroes clash with dragons and other epic difficulties that almost ruin the entire mission.

Boss. Part VII, in which our heroes return home for the final encounter with the boss to present the found treasure and complete the quest.