II. Delivery versus Discovery

Why highly uncertain projects require a new management approach
Dr. Albert Künstler

ou, young hero, might already have certain knowledge of process and project management. The missing academic discipline, Quest management, not yet fully understood nor yet widely taught, will give you the skills to operate in conditions of extreme uncertainty and uniqueness.

Process management, Project management, … how about Quest management?

Many brave young people have already been trained to organize and manage processes and make sure deliverables are being delivered on time and within budget. Such skills are perfect when it comes to the repetitive routines of Delivery, but frequently not sufficient when serendipitous acts of Discoveryare expected.

Therefore, let us celebrate the growing need for innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs, who will obtain new skills to plan the unpredictable, explore the unknown, engineer the unbelievable, present the unexpected, achieve the unprecedented, and make thousands of new and outstanding discoveries.