Unveiling a World of Opportunities: Dan Lesovodski, VP at Data Monsters, Explores the Impact of the White House's Pioneering AI Regulations

Dan Lesovodski

Dan Lesovodski, VP at Data Monsters, weighs in on the White House's groundbreaking AI regulations:

Today, I came across an article discussing President Biden's recent Executive Order on AI. Like many other government regulations, this directive is poised to both forge new market opportunities and challenge established entities. Here are a few business ideas that come out of it.

1. AI Safety and Security Testing

With the U.S. government requiring AI developers to share their safety test results, there's an opportunity to establish firms specializing in AI safety, red-team testing, and evaluation. I guess there will be a space for tools that will help you test a model and be sure that it passes the requirements before you report it.

2. Content Authentication

With a focus on detecting AI-generated content and watermarking, businesses can provide AI-driven content verification tools and services to authenticate digital content.

3. Privacy-Preserving AI

As there's an emphasis on developing AI systems that preserve the privacy of training data, businesses can specialize in creating and offering privacy-centric AI solutions and training.

4. AI for Equity and Civil Rights

Firms can offer AI solutions that detect and counteract biases, ensuring fairness and equity, especially in sectors like housing, criminal justice, and employment.

5. AI in Healthcare

We already have a lot of projects in healthcare. It looks like drug discovery can be further supported and is a special area of interest.

6. AI-enabled Educational Tools

There is a market for AI-powered personalized tutoring platforms and other educational aids.

7. AI Labor Market Analysis

With a call to produce a report on AI’s potential labor-market impacts, firms specializing in labor market analysis can integrate AI to offer insights into job trends and future projections.

8. AI Research and Development

The push to catalyze AI research across the U.S. provides opportunities for startups and companies to engage in RnD, especially in areas like healthcare and climate change.

9. AI-enabled Cybersecurity Solutions

I am not a big expert in this field and as far as I see many of them already position themselves as AI-enabled companies. But maybe we will see more details on this later.

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