Meet Data Monsters AI-Powered Cutting-Edge 3D Avatar - Revolutionizing Customer Interactions

Dan Lesovodski

In a world increasingly driven by technology, Data Monsters and HPE Digital Life Garage have embarked on a journey to redefine the digital experience. Our mission: to create a virtual assistant that not only provides information but also offers a natural conversation experience. This journey led us to develop an AI-powered 3D Avatar, a milestone in the realm of interactive technology.

The Birth of a Cutting-Edge Concept

The vision was clear: a virtual assistant for the HPE Digital Life Garage, an innovative co-innovation center that transforms technology’s role in society. The challenge? To create an avatar that could interact seamlessly with customers and guests, offering both information and engagement.

Leveraging NVIDIA's Avatar Cloud Engine

To bring this vision to life, we turned to NVIDIA's Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), a powerhouse of real-time AI solutions. With NVIDIA ACE, we harnessed AI models and microservices for customization and inference, empowering our avatar to hear, speak, and animate with remarkable realism.

The Breakthrough with LLM and NVIDIA Technologies

The cornerstone of our avatar's conversational abilities was a Large Language Model (LLM), tailored for unrestricted chats and private document searches. Combining this with NVIDIA's suite of technologies – Audio2Face, Live Portrait, Bot Maker, Riva, and NeMo – we crafted an avatar capable of fluid and natural interactions.

Overcoming Challenges: Latency and Real-Time Interaction

Initial tests using OpenAI models faced latency issues, with response times around 10 seconds. However, by switching to the cloud and eventually to local hardware, we dramatically reduced this to less than a second. This breakthrough ensured real-time interaction, crucial for the natural flow of conversation.

On-Prem Implementation and Performance Enhancement

This avatar was implemented on-prem using HPE hardware, specifically the Proliant DL380 Gen10 plus with Nvidia GPUs. This strategic choice not only bolstered our commitment to data privacy and security but also resulted in a performance and latency improvement by 5x times compared to hosting it in the public cloud.

Enhanced Dataset Management and Automated Training

We leveraged HPE Machine Learning Data Management (MLDM) for efficient dataset logging and to automate the model training process whenever we acquired new content. This integration further streamlined our workflow, ensuring our avatar remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

GITEX 2023

GITEX 2023: The Unveiling of Our Masterpiece

At GITEX 2023, in collaboration with HPE, we unveiled our 3D AI avatar. This avatar, driven by NVIDIA's sophisticated AI, demonstrated its ability to engage in meaningful conversations even in bustling environments like events or cafes.

The Avatar's Functionality: A Leap Beyond Traditional Virtual Assistants

Traditional virtual assistants rely on pre-scripted scenarios and pre-recorded voices. Our avatar, powered by LLM and NVIDIA ACE, hears, speaks, and animates in real-time, creating a more engaging and immersive experience. From company information to general questions, the avatar maintains a human-like interaction, thanks to the NVIDIA BotMaker and Audio2Face technologies.

Our Solution: Safety and Speed

Focusing on enterprise-specific solutions, we ensured data privacy by training our avatar on private documents for specific, secure responses. The significant reduction in response time, from 10 seconds to less than a second, marks a substantial improvement in user experience.

Testing and Future Developments

Our 3D virtual avatar has been successfully tested across conferences, proving its effectiveness and user engagement. We are committed to further enhancing its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of businesses across various industries.

Our journey in creating this AI-powered 3D avatar exemplifies Data Monsters' commitment to innovation and technological excellence. As we continue to refine and adapt this technology, we invite you to explore how it can transform your business or industry, opening doors to unprecedented digital interactions.

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