Exploring Jetson-based Industrial PC: Siemens IPC520A for computer vision applications

Dan Lesovodski

In this video, Data Monsters dives into the world of computer vision with Siemens IPC520A, a Jetson-based industrial PC designed to revolutionize computer vision applications. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, including Siemens Thunder Box APC 528 powered by Jetson and an array of industrial cameras, Data Monsters with the participation of Ian Chang from Siemens are pushing the boundaries of computer vision applications. Let's uncover the highlights of this engaging discussion.

Enhancing Industrial Computer Systems

We emphasize the significance of the Siemens Thunder Box APC 528, a powerful industrial computer engineered to thrive in demanding environments. This robust device serves as the backbone of Data Monsters' vision inspection setup, enabling high-performance and reliable operation.

Unveiling Industrial Cameras

We discussed industrial cameras, with a focus on the buzzer industrial camera featuring Adam optics lenses. Data Monsters showcases their selection of lenses, including high-quality options from Clover, known for their Japanese-made lenses with varying focal lengths. Additionally, the discussion highlights the unique features of a specially prepared Ricoh lens, showcasing the versatility of the setup.

Testing Software on Real Benches

To demonstrate the capabilities of the computer vision system, Data Monsters developed specialized software for this experiment. The team shares their excitement about testing this software on real-world scenarios, which involves using different models and objects to evaluate the system's accuracy and performance.

Nuts and Bolts Detection

One of the applications showcased is the detection of intact and loose torque seals on threaded connections. The interview elaborates on the importance of detecting when the line of the torque seal is broken, indicating a loose bolt. The team explains how they trained their model using synthetic data and various angles, showcasing the system's ability to accurately detect and segment objects.

Challenges and Solutions

We discussed challenges faced in real production environments, such as vibrations affecting focus and even unscrewing camera lenses. We also explore the benefits of using specialized lenses with vibration rings to maintain focus stability. While these lenses come at a higher cost, they offer greater reliability and are essential in certain scenarios.

Bottle Cap Detection

The interview then transitions to another intriguing use case: bottle cap detection. Data Monsters shares their model trained on classic bottles and explains how the system can detect the presence or absence of a bottle cap. They emphasize the versatility of their approach, which can adapt to different objects, colors, shapes, or features based on a well-curated dataset.

Pipeline of Models

Data Monsters highlights their pipeline of models, encompassing object detection and classification. The detection model accurately identifies objects, while the classification model distinguishes between defective and non-defective items. This versatile approach opens endless possibilities for various applications, including identifying anomalies, differentiating colors, shapes, or the absence/presence of specific features.

Stay tuned for more updates and advancements as Data Monsters and Siemens continue to pave the way for cutting-edge computer vision solutions.

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