Data Monsters Harnesses Generative AI for Transformative Digital Avatars in Enterprises

Dan Lesovodski
3D Avatar

Data Monsters is capitalizing on the NVIDIA AI platform to create custom digital avatars, supported by tailored large language models, for exceptionally personalized customer experiences. The rapid advancement of ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies is unlocking vast potential across various sectors.

These technologies, while still emerging, are revolutionizing industries with their unprecedented pace of innovation. Generative AI is not only streamlining time-consuming tasks but also enhancing 3D workflows, thereby elevating creativity and productivity. The impact is already significant, and the future promises even more groundbreaking developments. In this fast-evolving landscape, Data Monsters stands as a beacon, guiding enterprises to achieve their desired business outcomes.

As a proficient collaborator in the NVIDIA Partner Network, Data Monsters brings its expertise to the forefront, particularly in industry-specific digital avatar creation. Utilizing NVIDIA's Omniverse platform, designed for building and operating metaverse applications, along with Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for comprehensive avatar development, and NVIDIA's large language model services, Data Monsters tailors both avatars and language models to specific industry needs and topics.

Extended Industry Applications for Digital Avatars as Virtual Assistants:

Education and E-Learning:

  • Interactive Tutor Avatars: Providing personalized tutoring and learning support, adapting to individual student needs.
  • Virtual Classroom Facilitators: Enhancing online learning experiences by moderating discussions and providing administrative support.

Hospitality and Tourism:

  • Concierge Avatars: Offering travel and accommodation advice, booking assistance, and personalized recommendations for activities.
  • Cultural Guide Avatars: Providing tourists with immersive cultural experiences, historical insights, and language support.

Entertainment and Media:

  • Interactive Host Avatars: Hosting virtual events, shows, and streaming content, offering a unique, engaging viewer experience.
  • Personalized Content Curator Avatars: Suggesting movies, music, and games based on user preferences and viewing history.

Real Estate:

  • Virtual Real Estate Agent Avatars: Guiding potential buyers through virtual property tours and providing detailed property information.
  • Customer Support Avatars: Assisting with queries related to property transactions, documentations, and market insights.


  • Virtual Sales Assistant Avatars: Showcasing vehicle features, comparing models, and guiding through the purchase process.
  • Customer Service Avatars: Addressing service-related inquiries, scheduling maintenance, and providing post-sale support.

Data Monsters' commitment to innovation and technological advancement is evident in our extensive experience with NVIDIA Omniverse and AI. Our engineering team's deep expertise in the Omniverse ecosystem, nurtured through close collaboration with NVIDIA, positions us to help clients build advanced solutions to solve their intricate industry problems. With Data Monsters, enterprises can explore the full potential of digital avatars, transforming their customer interactions and operational efficiencies.

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