Discrete manufacturing

Who needs this
  • Production planning managers
Questions and pains
  • How to generate job orders / cards to execute the optimal production plan?

Terrific.Schedules is an intelligent application that constantly updates the production state, inventory, procurement, and sales plan and produces job carts for every working center.

You can think of Terrific.Schedules as a light and intelligent version of Manufacturing execution system (MES), which can be easily deployed and trained in several weeks.

Terrific.Schedules generates an everyday job cards for workers in accordance with the optimal production plan. The optimal plan minimizes the prodution cycle and maximizes throughput. As the result work in progress is declining.

Terrific.Schedules collects the information about the finished operations. You will be sure that the sequence of tasks will be accurately done with no option to skip or change an assignment.

Terrific.Schedules provides you a transparent production state and helps you execute all plans on time.

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