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Data Monsters Introducing Computer Vision Solution for Conveyors

Data Monsters introduce NVIDIA-based AI solution for quality control on high-speed conveyors.

If you still have manual checks on your conveyor,
It’s time for robots to do the job

It’s time to get rid of manual checks, thanks to the latest computer vision self-learning quality control by Data Monsters! In real-time, including high speed conveyors, the system automatically identifies a product that visually differs from norm, and alerts the workers.

Replace selective manual checks with fully-automated control:

  • Workers will no longer spend time on tedious inspections
  • Every item will be supervised, not just a small share in a sample
  • Requires less people to operate
AI technologies have reached a point when you don’t have to put up with poor process.
Finally, you can make it as you always wanted - full automation and immediate reaction.
Terrific.AI Features
  • Learns by itself by looking at normal products through any computer vision device.
  • Operates in real time.
  • Can use multiple cameras and industrial sensors.
  • Can process up to 100 images per second from each camera.
  • Doesn’t require internet.
  • Protected for industrial use.
  • Product can be positioned at any angle on the line.
  • Performs even when the product is covered in condensation.
Success Stories
Beverage packaging line

The Challenge
It is a high-speed packaging line, filling up to 30 aluminum cans per second. Cans are covered with condensate and positioned on the line randomly. Package design of the cans may change from week to week. 

Every 30 minutes, a worker manually takes 2 cans from the line and checks them. If a single defect is detected, the line must be stopped, all the produced cars are marked as blocked and are subsequently dumped. 

The amount of dumped product is estimated to be millions of cans per year.

The Solution
Data Monsters trained a real-time pipeline that identifies visual anomalies on the product, and alerts the packaging line operator in real time.


The Challenge
Our client produces life-critical medical devices with batteries. Therefore, all the batteries pass a quality check using x-ray machines, and operators then manually check every image. This is a slow, time-consuming, and unreliable process.

The Solution
Data Monsters trained a real-time pipeline that detects anomalies by measuring and segmenting the x-ray scans.

Semiconductor industry

The Challenge
Our client produces equipment that analyzes and finds defects in semiconductor wafers. The challenge is to identify new defect patterns that may indicate new problems with the manufacturing process or equipment.

The Solution
Data Monsters trained the computer vision pipeline to identify anomalies and different defect patterns.

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