We invite teams with cases from the following verticals

Machine builders

We welcome cases related to topics

Gen AI
Computer vision inspections, defect detection, anomaly detection
Predictive analytics and maintenance
Process optimization
Digital twins
Synthetic data generation
Maintenance automation
Knowledge management
Design and visualization
Engineering and simulation
Speech, NLP, LLMs


Delivered PoCs: codebase and AI models

PR and news

Business Cases

Structured investment cases


The Diamond partners offer a comprehensive range of support, including

Skilled professionals

Skilled professionals such as solution architects, engineers, subject matter experts, and business specialists.

Hardware resources

Hardware resources essential for model training and inference.

software licenses

Provision of necessary software licenses to facilitate the development process.


Incubator Ecosystem

The primary focus of the AI Incubator centers around certified Elite NVIDIA ecosystem partners, driving innovation forward. These distinguished companies boast a wealth of experience and possess highly skilled teams with a reputable track record of delivering top-notch NVIDIA-ecosystem solutions. Their expertise is demonstrated by years of successful practice and NVIDIA certification.

Within the incubator, certified NVIDIA ecosystem partners come together with industry-leading professionals from both NVIDIA and SIEMENS, collaboratively tackling the challenges faced by the clients. Additionally, subject matter experts and business specialists from client companies actively participate in this dynamic environment.

The AI Incubator leverages the expertise of engineering firms and automation solution providers, who contribute their practical application and integration knowledge of AI solutions developed by the talented teams within the incubator.


Total number of projects completed by the Elite NVIDIA ecosystem partners


Total headcount of experts


Total years in AI

Discovery and delivery framework

The primary focus of the AI Incubator centers around certified Elite NVIDIA ecosystem partners, driving innovation forward. These distinguished companies boast a wealth of experience and possess highly skilled teams with a reputable track record of delivering top-notch NVIDIA-ecosystem solutions. Their expertise is demonstrated by years of successful practice and NVIDIA certification.

Capital partners & investment support

Every project undergoes a thorough review and is structured to ensure transparent and prompt investment support. The AI Incubator benefits from the backing of investment and financial companies within the NVIDIA and Siemens ecosystems: providing robust financial support to drive innovation and success.

  • NVIDIA Inception
  • NVIDIA GPU Ventures
  • Next47 (Siemens Group)
  • Siemens Financial Services (SFS)

nvidia Technologies


  • Omniverse (USD, Replicator, Isaac SIM, Drive SIM, ACE)
  • Metropolis
  • NeMo
  • Maxine
  • Triton


  • RTX
  • DGX
  • IGX, incl. Jetson Orin

Siemens Technologies

  • GPU-based Industrial Computers
  • Siemens Industrial Edge Platform
  • NeMo

Fall batch applications are open!


The AI Incubator operates on-site, centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Milestone events and workshops take place at two prestigious venues: the NVIDIA Headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, and the Siemens Factory Automation showroom in Campbell, CA. For day-to-day activities, the teams are based in a dedicated space at the Plug & Play Tech Centre in Sunnyvale, CA, providing a conducive environment for their innovative work.

In 2024 the Demo Days will run as a part of NVIDIA GTC Conference.


NVIDIA Headquarters in Santa Clara, CA


Siemens Factory Automation showroom in Campbell, CA.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play Tech Centre in Sunnyvale, CA,
The process

In the year 2023, we are gearing up to launch a single batch in September, housing a total of 10 projects within the AI Incubator.

Looking ahead to 2024, we have exciting plans to host three batches, scaling the program's size to accommodate the increasing demand and available resources.

A distinguished committee comprising experts from Data Monsters, Siemens, and NVIDIA will be tasked with selecting the 10 projects that will gain entry into the incubation program. During this phase, each project will undergo a comprehensive analysis and strategic planning process. Teams will be formed, comprising members from the client side, as well as ecosystem solution architects, data scientists, engineers, and consultants, ensuring a well-rounded and skilled approach to project development.

The Demo Day, set for December 6th, 2023, will feature the presentation of the 10 projects and will be held at the NVIDIA Headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. The event will also be streamed online, allowing the public to participate remotely. Furthermore, participants will have the valuable opportunity to engage with vertical communities, explore potential investments, access acceleration programs, attend investor days, and connect with various companies for potential collaboration and partnerships.


september 6th, 2023

demo day

December 6th, 2023

10 projects

in the AI Incubator

Fall batch applications are open!


Frequently asked questions

Program Structure and Expectations

How do you define success for the incubator program? What benchmarks will our project be evaluated against?

Success within the incubator program is characterized by the successful delivery of a functional proof of concept, noticeable enhancements in your operational processes and/or products, and the potential for meaningful business impact. Benchmarks encompass meeting project deadlines, achieving predetermined improvement metrics, and receiving positive evaluations from industry experts.

What is the expected level of involvement from our side during the program?

Your team's active participation is essential to ensure project success. We expect your subject matter experts to be physically present at the Plug & Play Tech Center (Sunnyvale, CA) for the duration of the program. This commitment ensures that the developed solution effectively aligns with your business requirements and overarching strategic goals.

Cost and Resources

Could you provide a detailed breakdown of the participation fee? Are there any additional costs such as those for resource utilization or consultation fees with the experts?

The participation fee covers several components, including access to our specialized team of experts, hardware and software resources, and operational expenses for the entire project duration. All resource usage and consultation fees are comprehensively included within this single fee structure, with no concealed charges.

Who will be assigned to our project?

Your dedicated project team will consist of top-tier technology experts, including solution architects, engineers, and data scientists from leading organizations such as NVIDIA, Siemens, and Elite Solution Delivery Partners. The exact composition of this team will be finalized in the early stages of the program.

Outcomes and Post-Incubation Support

What are the terms regarding the ownership of the products or solutions developed during the incubator?

All codebases and models developed throughout the incubation period remain the intellectual property of your company.

What kind of support can we expect post-incubation?

After the incubation phase, we facilitate a comprehensive transition of knowledge and deliverables to your team. Additionally, post-incubation support can be arranged based on a contractual agreement.


How does the investment support process work? If our project gets selected for investment, what terms can we expect?

During the culmination of the incubation period, our capital partners evaluate all projects. If your project exhibits promising potential, they may extend investment offers under mutually agreed terms. These terms will be discussed and agreed upon between your team and our capital partners.