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About thE Workshop
Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the competitive edge you need in manufacturing. 

50% of companies that invest in AI over the next five to seven years will have the potential to double their cash flow, according to McKinsey.
71% of AI adopters plan to increase their spend by an average of 26%, according to Deloitte. 

Business leaders need clear guidance to successful AI/ML adoption.
Your key people will spend 4 hours with Elite-level certified AI experts, PhDs who have over 15 years of industry experience. Get questions answered, learn new insights, and receive expert opinions on your plans.

The workshop is sponsored by  as part of the AI Adoption program.
Our Schedule
Duration: 60 min
Location: Online session
Price: FREE for qualified companies
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How the workshop is organized
This invitation-only Ideation Workshop is prepared exclusively for your company. We conduct preliminary interviews in preparation for discussing cases in your industry and your current ideas and projects.

The workshop takes place as an interactive online discussion with your key technology leaders. We will look at the best AI cases, hand-picked for your company, as well as discuss your own ideas for an AI project, and assess the economic impact, risks and difficulties of these alternatives.

In the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a list of profitable solutions, along with an ROI and feasibility study, AI roadmap to success, and implementation guidelines.
Day I, 2 hours:
  • Welcome session
  • Interactive session: introductions and use-case discussion
  • What AI can and can not do?
  • How are AI projects different from other software projects?
  • What are the main risks in AI projects and how to mitigate them?
Day II, 2 hours:
  • How to predict cost and estimate the ROI of AI projects?
  • Interactive session: Assessing ideas, identifying risks, estimating ROI
  • Groups present their ideas
  • Ideas evaluation and comparison, and roadmapping
  • Q&A and wrap-up
German Suvorov, PhD
Data Monsters,
Head of Industrial AI
Artemy Malkov, PhD
Data Monsters,
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If you need an expert help in AI, including education, assessment, idea validation, proof-of-concept, large scale AI implementation, cost reduction, big data engineering, or a creative solution - you are in the right place.