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AI Ideation Workshop
Hire Data Monsters — your remote R&D lab that converts AI ideas into high-value business solutions.
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About workshop:

Ideation Workshop is 2 efficient sessions that can help your company boost your AI initiatives and accelerate new AI projects.

Interactively with your key managers and stakeholders, we go through the best AI use cases handpicked for your company, discuss your own AI project ideas, find out how to collect data, which state-of-the-art algorithms to use, and what kind of hardware is required.

By the end of the workshop, you get a list of best ideas, together with ROI and feasibility estimations, recommended project roadmaps, and implementation guidelines.


Inspire: Discuss manufacturing success stories tailored to Laticrete’s strategy

Empathize: Listen to clients’ concerns regarding AI usage

Educate: Learn how to avoid pitfalls by using AI & deep learning

Ideate: Generate a list of potential project ideas based on the latest  state-of-the-art neural networks & Insight / Nvidia technologies

Evaluate: Estimate the best project ideas’ ROI & feasibility

Part I:

11:00 am 

11:15 am
Introduction to state-of-the-art AI

11:45 am
How to maximize ROI of your AI project

12:10 pm
Manufacturing use cases

12:30 pm
Why Deep Learning is game changing. AI hardware from Nvidia

Part II: 

12:00 pm 
Ideation methodology

12:10 pm
Large-group ideation: selecting ideas for a focused discussion

12:30 pm
Split into smaller groups for focused ideation 

1:15 pm
Groups present their ideas

1:50 pm
Q&A and wrapping-up

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If you need any advice or help: education, assessment, consulting, idea validation, proof-of-concept, large scale AI implementation, big data engineering, or a creative solution - you are in the right place.

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